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===ndpdbox, a Netdrive plugin for accessing your Dropbox account===

ndpdbox is an external plugin for [[ Netdrive for OS/2]] and it allows you to mount your Dropbox account (or multiple accounts) as a local disk.

ndpdbox is under development.

With a simple GUI application, you log on Dropbox secure site to allow the plugin to access your data.

Current status:
- full support for read/write your data;
- caching of write operations to improve I/O speed;

Planned features:
- caching of read operations;
- caching of directory metadata;

A demo version is available for download from [[ here]] as RPM package. From your download directory, run

%%yum install ndpdbox-0.4.0.b5-0.oc00.i386.rpm%%

to install the package and all requirements. Use the file full path if you are not running from the download directory.

If you don't have RPM installed, please download the [[ ZIP archive]] and manually install the following DLLs:

[[|qt4]], stdcpp6 (gcc), json, oauth, curl7, gcc473 (gcc), libc065

Zip files can be downloaded from [[ Netlabs ZIP archive]]. See included readme.txt for more informations about manual installation.

This demo version will work for 30 minutes after boot, then it will disable itself until next boot.

===Full Version===
To enable the full version you need to purchase an activation key from [[ bww bitwise GmbH online shop]].
Please support OS/2 development.

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