ndpdbox, a Netdrive plugin for accessing your Dropbox account

ndpdbox is an external plugin for Netdrive for OS/2 and it allows you to mount your Dropbox account (or multiple accounts) as a local disk.

ndpdbox is under development.

With a simple GUI application, you log on Dropbox secure site to allow the plugin to access your data.

Current status:
- full support for read/write your data;
- caching of write operations to improve I/O speed;

Planned features:
- caching of read operations;
- caching of directory metadata;


A demo version is available for download from here as RPM package. From your download directory, run

yum install ndpdbox-0.4.0.b5-0.oc00.i386.rpm

to install the package and all requirements. Use the file full path if you are not running from the download directory.

If you don't have RPM installed, please download the ZIP archive and manually install the following DLLs:

qt4, stdcpp6 (gcc), json, oauth, curl7, gcc473 (gcc), libc065

Zip files can be downloaded from Netlabs ZIP archive. See included readme.txt for more informations about manual installation.

This demo version will work for 30 minutes after boot, then it will disable itself until next boot.

Full Version

To enable the full version you need to purchase an activation key from bww bitwise GmbH online shop.
Please support OS/2 development.

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