WPop3Server 1.0

(c) 1997 Yuri Dario <mc6530@mclink.it>

What is:

WPop3Server is a native OS/2 32bit multithreaded software. It is compliant with RFC-1725. User and server management is done thru a graphical user interface or remote administration. You can use PM interface for local administration, while popcfg is avai la ble for remote control using your web server.

WPop3Server handles connections on separate threads for better performance and reduced system load.

Quick start:

Your ETC directory is used for saving logs and ini files, so please set it in your config.sys.Copy all files to a new directory and change your libpath and path in config.sys.

Add the following line to your sendmail.cf (located in ETC directory):
Mlocal, P=c:\install_dir\mailer.exe, F=lnsDFP, S=10, R=20, A=d:\ $u
The next time you start sendmail.exe, it will delivery mail to user's mailbox. Double click on WPop3Server icon to start pop3 services. The first time you run the program, it asks you the configuration parameters:
director where to store users mailbox
Logging Level
level of log messages (0=none, 1=normal, 2=medium, 3=debug, 4=full)
Max connections
currently not used
Admin password
password for local administration
After pushing the Ok button, you are asked to verify the administrator password.

Now the server is ready and you should see 'Pop3 Server Ready' on the status bar. If this doesn't happen, you should get an error message.

If you got problems using the program, try the 'restart server' in the popup menu of main window: it closes the tcp/ip sockets and kills the main thread; then the pop server is restarted.

User administration:

To add/modify users, click on 'users...' on the popup menu. To enter the user dialog, you must enter the admin password. For every user, you need to specify:
login name of user
real name
user real name (optional)
user password
After clicking on the Add button, you are asked to verify the password.

When you enter the username of an existing user, the Add button change to Modify, so you can change its real name and/or password: the password is changed only when the its entryfield is not empty.

To delete an user, type its username and click on Delete.

It is not possible to undo operations (maybe in a future release).

Remote Administration:

Remote admin is tested using the IBM internet connection server and WebExplorer (or Netscape for OS/2).

Enter configuration pages of your server and add the following protection scheme:
/pop-admin/* PROT-ADMIN
or whatever you like. Now you need the same password for web administration (you can change as you like).
Then you need to add a new routing request; insert before 1 the following request
Exec /pop-admin/* x:\pop3_path\*
where x:\pop3_path if the full path where you installed the pop3 files. Restart the web server.
Now you are able to remote administer the pop accounts: open your browser and goto
You should get a page with possible operations on the Pop3 Server. Remember: fields with an asterisk '*' are required for submitting the form.

PopCfg is experimental and you can perform only user administration


Pop3 is not freeware. You have to register it to get more than 8 users in your mail directory, with the following license fees:

$100 unlimited users

To register the program, please mail me at mc6530@mclink.it

Future Release:

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Mail to mc6530@mclink.it or visit my home page to get new information.

In future releases there might be the following enhancements:


This software is as is, you can use it at your own risk. There is no warranty for this program.

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