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URPO is a static library created to allow deleting or renaming files still in use by a program.
The scope of this library is to allow log rotation for daemons, so it does not cover all possible situations.
Please look at readme.txt for more informations.

With this library, you can rename (rotate) the current logs of your daemon, send a SIGHUP to the daemon, archive the old logs.

The utilities zip contain the coreutils 6.11 kill, mv, rm already linked with urpo library for your convenience.

Currently available download:
- [[ URPO readme.txt]].
- [[ URPO sources and library]] for gcc 3.3.5.
- [[ URPO sources and debug library]] for gcc 3.3.5.
- [[ URPO utilities]].

Additional requirements:
- [[ gcc 3.3.5]]

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