I have a lot of software written for my personal use or for testing some new algorithms. I hope that some of them can help someone else.

Here you can download the following software:

Take a look at MySQL for OS/2 porting page.

A new database: MySQL for OS/2.

A fast&light database: the mSQL for OS/2 porting page.

OS/2 scanning? Try the SANE Project.

Some BlueCAD utilitities.

The OS/2 binaries of SOCR 0.1, a free ocr program. Documentation and data files are available at SOCR Home Page

Here is a simple clock(17k) for your desktop: I wrote it because there aren't programs with italian style for date&time. Tip: try dropping a font on the window.

Do you need a Pop3 Server (148k) with remote management? Click here for more info.

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