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SleepyBattery, save battery while phone sleeps

With SleepyBattery you can turn off phone internal devices draining your battery life; instead of a fixed time, it detects when your phone is idle and then it will power off internal devices.
Currently it can power off the following interfaces: Bluetooth, WiFi, auto sync mode, APN for background data exchange, Airplane mode.

When you turn screen on, interfaces can be powered again; to allow you checking your phone briefly without powering interfaces, you can set a timeout to delay power on.
Also power off can be disabled if USB or AC charger are connected.

If you are in trouble, or this software does not match your expectations, please send a mail to the developer, we will do our best to solve the problem.

Like most Android applications, g-Lock must be installed from the Android Market. Installation steps do not differ from standard installation phases.
If you cannot access Android Market paid apps, you can now purchase this application from AndAppStore, Apps for every Android device.

DEMO version limits
The demo version has the following limits:
  • the program will work for one week.

  • Android 1.5, 1.6
  • Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

You need to define which interfaces must be controlled, and how long to wait when phone goes idle. Once the delay expires, SleepyBattery will turn off selected interfaces (or enable airplane mode).
It is possible also to define a wake up delay: you can use your phone for a small time without powering the interfaces or getting out from Airplane mode.
While Bluetooth and Wifi interfaces can be really powered off, there isn't a way to fully disable background data exchange of Android devices. SleepyBattery can get a similar result by disabling the APN (access point name) of your telephony carrier.
With Android 2.x, it is now possible to control auto sync feature; doing so, you can stop Google Apps automatic sync (but only for them).

To save most of your battery, you can enable Airplane mode control: keep in mind that this will turn off your phone GSM completely, so you will not be able to receive or make calls.

Since powering on/off interfaces requires some time, for good performances you should use at least 1 hour delay for power off, and at least 30 seconds-1 minute for power on.

Since release 1.4, a new periodic background update option has been added: once enabled, the phone interfaces will be periodically reactivated for 1 minute, to allow your background apps to sync or update their data.

SleepyBattery settings
Settings are grouped in different sections to make them easier to identify.
  1. Disable service can be used to turn off/on functions without changing current settings.
  1. General settings group controls idle detection:
    1. Off delay allows selection of delay from screen off event;
    1. On delay allows selection of delay from screen on event;
    1. Periodic updates allows periodic background updates (uses same delay of Off delay option).

  1. Device settings group controls allowed interfaces:
    1. Bluetooth;
    1. WiFi WLAN;
    1. Auto sync (Android 2.x only);
    1. APN access point name;
    1. Airplane mode;

  1. Notification options define which kind of notification to use when interfaces are powered off (vibration, light, ringtone);

  1. No power off options can be used to keep interfaces enabled when your USB cable or AC charger are connected;

  1. Locale settings: use this to change current user interface language, currently EN, IT, FR, DE, NL locales are supported.

Known problems
  • none

  • SleepyBattery powers down an interface only if it is active, and it will store the result to properly power on it; if other programs are controlling the same interface, SleepyBattery will power on the interface again regardless of what has been done by other programs.
  • SleepyBattery will not power off an interface not active at idle detection: then, the same interface will not powered at screen on event.

Initial release
Advanced delay control (different delays for different interfaces).
Use more sensors to detect idle (accelerometer,...).
Kill unwanted processes.

And suggestions are welcome :-)

Guillame Gay - french translation
Herwig Bauerfeind - german translation
Elbert Pol - dutch translation

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