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SleepyBattery, save battery while phone sleeps

With SleepyBattery you can turn off phone internal devices draining your battery life; instead of using a fixed time, it detects when your phone is idle and then it will power off internal devices.
Currently can power off the following interfaces: Bluetooth, WiFi, APN for data exchange, Airplane mode.

When you turn screen on, interfaces can be powered again; to allow you checking your phone briefly without powering interfaces, you can set a delay before powering interfaces.

This software is developed for Android based devices, like T-Mobile G1 and G2, HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Cliq Droid Milestone.

  • delayed power off
  • delayed power on
  • Android 1.x/2.x

The most recent version is available for download from the market://search?q=pname:com.os2power.web.SleepyBatteryDemo Android Market. The demo version will work for one week, then it will expire. You can now purchase this application, this will remove the advertising banners, making more space available on the screen, a smaller application, and more features to come soon.
If you cannot access paid applications on the Android Market, it is now possible to purchase them from the Android AndAppStore; in such case, PayPal will be used to pay the application.

If you have a QR code compatible reader, please scan this image to enter the Android Market from your Android Phone:

QR code - Market
If you do not have access to Android Market, you can get applications from AndAppStore web site.

If you need support for this application, please open the application menu and select Help: you will get the list of available support options. Please use the last menu item to contact developers. You can also contact developers using the Android Market application page.

Please refer to SleepyBatteryHelp page for most recent documentation.

Release history
Please look to SleepyBatteryChangeLog page for release history.

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