SANE for OS/2

I'm no longer working on SANE for OS/2 port, but other people have taken my place.
Please refer to Frank Bakan home page for updated binaries and informations. Software listed in this page is no longer supported. Please subscribe the below mailing list for support.

My last binary: SANE 1.0.1 for OS/2 is here (515 KB), ready for download. So now the latest official release is 1.0.1 :-))

New in this release:
- now EMX 0.9D is required!
- see readme.os2 for details.

Happy scanning with OS/2 ;-)

Please don't mail me about SANE: I have created a new mailing list regarding SANE for OS/2 setup and use. To join the list, please fill the following form:

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SANE/2: a PM frontend for SANE

ATTENTION: SANE/2 is no longer compatible with SANE 0.74 and higher. That's because the EMX runtime can't run multithreaded DLL from a program build with another compiler (VAC++ in my case). You can still use it with older SANE ports (0.66 and 0.72).

Download SANE/2 beta1 (318k), the frontend.

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