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The installation of Recoll will register two new WPS classes, XASearchFolder and XASearchResult. The first is derived from Folder class, the second from Shadow class. Folder class has been used to allow results to be showed as usual for WPS objects. Result class is derived from shadow class to allow double clicking on object to open them (as usual) and to store some additional details about search results.
A template of class XASearchFolder named 'Search Folder' is created inside Recoll folder.
Drop the template and create a 'Search Folder:1' object: open the object and the folder will show a search bar on the left side. This folder has been configured to show details and ordering fields from XASearchResult class. You can use WPS features to filter results, change ordering, change visible details.
First, it is necessary to index some files: copy share\recoll\examples\recoll.conf to %HOME%\.recoll\recoll.conf; edit topdirs line and add list of your directories (use / instead of \); for tests, it is suggested to not index whole drives. Use loglevel value to see less or more details about task in progress.
To index directories listed in the topdirs tag (see recoll.conf), run


To start the indexing deamon (requires XWP updates), run

recollw.cmd -m

Use only / for paths, backslash (\) is not supported.

Now it is possible to execute a query on the database: open the Search Folder, type a text and click on 'Search': the folder area will be filled with shadows of objects in the database. Do not use accented chars for text, they will be ignored.
You can see result details by switching folder view to 'Details view'.
Please note that multiple objects of Search class can be created, each one with its own settings. But all objects will query the same database.

XWP NOTES: The daemon requires access to OS/2 file change notification API: so it is necessary to remove the only client using it (WPS/XWP). This requires to use included XWP dll disable existing hooks. Please copy bin\xfldr.dll and bin\xwpnotify.exe to your XWorkplace\bin directory. Please note that a WPS restart could require killing of xwpnotify (but it will be automatically restarted).
For details, see:
If you don't replace XWP code, you must run manually indexing using a scheduler (e.g. once per day/per week, or whatever you prefer).

Extended attributes: with release 0.4, recoll can index also OS/2 standard Extended Attributes. In current code, this is done only for recognized file types. List of supported attributes:
These attributes can be edited in the File notebook page of object properties (excepted for .HISTORY).

Recoll can execute external filters (.exe, .cmd or shell scripts); filters for the following formats are working: OpenOffice, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt, html.
Please note that Open Source programs are used for filtering, so it is not guaranteed all files can be converted to text format (for indexing). Most tools are already included, unzip.exe must be in your path.
Please note that some tools requires also EMX runtime.

Known problems
  • simple search only available.
  • accented chars not supported in search text.
  • redraw problem when switching folder view.
  • WPS restart requires killing of xwpnotify.exe.
  • who knows?

Todo List
  • more :-)

Release history
0.5.2 Fixed WPS hang when files are no longer existing.
0.5.1 Save/Restore also of folder search text and result count.

0.5 Save/Restore result details, handling of names with ( or ).

0.4 OS/2 Extended Attribute support.

0.3 WPS enhancements & fixes.

0.2 filters plugin.

0.1 preview release.

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