Recoll for eCS and OS/2

Recoll is a personal full text search tool. It is based on the very strong Xapian back-end, for which it provides a feature-rich yet easy to use front-end with a WPS graphical interface. Recoll is free, open source, and licensed under the GPL. The current version is 1.8.2


OS/2 features
Now OS/2 have a desktop search system integrated with WorkPlace Shell: open the search folder, enter the text and click 'Search'; the folder will be populated with shadows of the found objects! Then change view to details view, you will get more informations about the search results.
Also OS/2 Extended attributes can be parsed and stored in database, so you can search also for keywords in EAs!

Preview Release 0.5.2 is available. Current downloads:

If you are a developer, you can look at source code:

NOTE: this is a preview release, and requires XWP hacking to enable the notification daemon, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, NO WARRANTY. BACKUP YOUR WPS BEFORE REPLACING XWP CODE!

Please refer to RecollHelp page for most recent OS/2 specific documentation.

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