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===MySQL for OS/2===

//The MySQL database server is the world's most widely used open source database. Its ingenious software architecture makes it extremely fast and easy to customize. MySQL is available for free under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). MySQL is provided by [[href=" MySQL AB]].//

Due to lack of spare time, MySQL for OS/2 is no longer developed by me.
You can get a more recent port from [[ Paul Smedley]] site in the *nix software port page.

Below links for downloads and support are still valid.

""<table width="100%" border="0">
<td> Welcome to the latest port of MySQL for OS/2 and eComStation.
<td><a href=""><img src="/wiki/images/interface-logo.gif" width="167" height="87" border="0" alt="Link to MySQL home"></a></td>
<p>Currently available for download (requires 32bit TCP/IP stack):</p>
<LI>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-4-0-18-b5.wpi">4.0.18 Build 5</a> (3,83 MB)<IMG BORDER=0 WIDTH=31 HEIGHT=12 ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="../new.gif" ALT="New">
<LI>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-4-0-18-inf.wpi">4.0.18 INF manual</a> (1,06 MB)</LI>
<LI>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-4-0-18-pdf.wpi">4.0.18 PDF manual</a> (2,72 MB)</LI>
<LI>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-4-0-18-test.wpi">4.0.18 Test suite</a> (1,10 MB)</LI>
<p>If your browser doesn't start downloading files, please shift-click to start
download. Also be sure to download files in binary mode, Netscape is known to
use ascii-mode for unknown file types.</p>
<p>WarpIN 1.0.2 is needed to install MySQL, you you have to upgrade, <a href="">download
this file</a></p>

<p>Old downloads, available from here:
<li>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-50-b1.wpi">3.23.50
Build 1</a> (2186 KB) (requires 32bit TCP/IP stack)</li>
<li>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-50-pdf.wpi">3.23.50
PDF manual</a> (2073 KB)</li>
<li>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-50-test.wpi">3.23.50
Test suite</a> (668 KB)</li>
<LI>MySQL <a HREF="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-42-bld3.wpi">3.23.42
Build 3</A> (2120 KB) (requires 32bit TCP/IP stack)</LI>
<LI>MySQL <a HREF="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-42-pdf.wpi">3.23.42
PDF manual</A> (2037 KB)</LI>
<LI>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-42-test.wpi">3.23.42
Test suite</a> (668 KB)</LI>
<li>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-28-gamma-b1.wpi">3.23.28-gamma</a>
(1940KB) for OS/2 (works with 16bit TCP/IP stack).</li>
<li>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-28-gamma-inf.wpi">3.23.28
INF manual</a> (660KB) for OS/2.</li>
<li>MySQL <a href="/download/mysql2/mysql-3-23-28-gamma-pdf.wpi">3.23.28
PDF manual</a> (1770KB) for OS/2.</li>
<p>  <br>
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<p><b><font color="#000000">Subscribe to mysql-os2</font></b>
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<p><font color="#000000">Powered by</font> <a href=""></a>
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<p><b>Support:</b> Since MySQL is a OpenSource freeware product there are
no formal support options available. Please subscribe to mysql-os2 at
<a href=""></a> to get in contact
with other users using this port. </p>
<p>This newsgroup/mailinglist is the official <a href="">"home"</a>
of this port.</p>

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