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mSQL for OS/2</H2></CENTER>
Thanks for using the latest release of mSQL for OS/2.

<P>Currently available for download:
mSQL <A HREF="/download/yuri/msql/">ODBC Driver</A> (225KB) for OS/2.

mSQL <A HREF="/download/yuri/msql/">2.0.11 build 1</A> (292KB) for OS/2.</LI>
Do you need help? first download the <A HREF="/download/yuri/msql/">documentation</A>
(357KB), then visit the <A HREF="">mSQL Home
Page</A> where you can get more info about this project.
mSQL Utilities</H3></CENTER>
After a long time, I'm ready to release the DBI Perl interface for mSQL.
To install the drivers you need a properly configured Perl5 (at least 5.003)
and a working EMX enviroment. Probably you don't need to recompile the
files, but MAKE is required for the installation step.
<BR>You have to download <A HREF="/download/yuri/msql/">DBI-1.02</A> (450KB) interface,
<A HREF="/download/yuri/msql/">mSQL-mySQL</A> (412KB) modules
(only mSQL driver has been compiled). Follow the included instructions.
<BR>You can now benchmarch your mSQL installation, using the <A HREF="/download/yuri/msql/">MySQL
bench suite</A> (670KB). This suite requires Perl and DBI, so it forced
me to port DBI.
<BR>Keep in mind that the current install process is the same used under
Unix, so it may require additional tools to be completed. The installation
is quite complex and I don't have the time to provide a OS/2 script.

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