mSQL for OS/2

Thanks for using the latest release of mSQL for OS/2.

Currently available for download:

Do you need help? first download the documentation (357KB), then visit the mSQL Home Page where you can get more info about this project.

mSQL Utilities

After a long time, I'm ready to release the DBI Perl interface for mSQL. To install the drivers you need a properly configured Perl5 (at least 5.003) and a working EMX enviroment. Probably you don't need to recompile the files, but MAKE is required for the installation step.
You have to download DBI-1.02 (450KB) interface, mSQL-mySQL (412KB) modules (only mSQL driver has been compiled). Follow the included instructions.
You can now benchmarch your mSQL installation, using the MySQL bench suite (670KB). This suite requires Perl and DBI, so it forced me to port DBI.
Keep in mind that the current install process is the same used under Unix, so it may require additional tools to be completed. The installation is quite complex and I don't have the time to provide a OS/2 script.

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