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The mmap library is a simple implementation of memory mapped files for OS/2.

It has been developed to support ClamAV backends. The code is not complete, it implements only the minimal features required by ClamAV engine.

This code uses the WorkPlace Shell Toolkit library for mmap emulation, and it is just a wrapper around WPSTK mmf functions.

Currently it supports only private files (MAP_PRIVATE), with PROT_READ/PROT_WRITE/PROT_READWRITE access. The library is provided as static library, and requires pthread.lib for full linking of applications.
Now also MAP_ANON is supported.

Currently available download:
- [[ mmap sources and library]] for gcc 4.3.2.
- [[ mmap sources and library]] for gcc 4.3.2 debug build.

Additional requirements:
- gcc 3.3.5 from [[]].
- gcc 4.3.2 from [[ Paul Smedley's site]].
- [[ WorkPlace Shell Toolkit]] 1.6.0.

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