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LastCall, 1-click actions for voice calls

Like most Android applications, LastCall must be installed from the Android Market. Installation steps do not differ from standard installation phases.

  • Android 1.5, 1.6
  • Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

DEMO version limits
The demo version has the following limits:
  • the program will work for one week.

LastCall has been written to allow 1-click actions after voice calls, without having to go through the Dialer user interface using more and more clicks.
LastCall can be started using launcher icon or automatically after the end of your voice call: the latter is not enabled at first start, you need to configure it; if you forget to enable some type of voice call (outgoing, incoming, missed), an alert dialog will be shown at every startup.
At the end of the call, the LastCall user interface will be shown, and LastCall will wait for an action to execute; LastCall will not close itself, but you can enable the auto close feature in program settings.
The box at the top shows you the informations about the last call present in your phone log: every action will be directed to the number you see.
Under the contact information box, you have a list of possible actions. This list can be customized using program settings. If you want to execute actions not in the list, please mail for suggestions, they will be added in future releases.
Once selected an action, the LastCall user interface will close itself.
Use the 'Remind later' feature to be notified again of the call end: the feature does not work if the delay is not configured in settings.
Starting with release 1.3, clicking the top box, will allow you to select one call from the last 10 in the phone call log.

LastCall settings are grouped into four main sections: Application, Action, Remind, Locale.
'Application settings' controls the main user interface:
  1. autoclose delay selects the timeout for program self closing;
  1. in call type screen, you can select which call type (outgoing, incoming, missed) will trigger LastCall;
  1. the view type list selects which kind of layout must be used to show actions (gridded or list);

'Action settings' allows customizations of user events:
  1. customize actions allows enabling up to 9 different actions;
  1. customize sms allows customization of default messages used by 'Send SMS' action (up to 12 messages);

'Remind settings' allows customizations of remind later action:
  1. remind later delay selects the delay for new notification of last call;
  1. notification options can be used to select which kind of notification we prefer (vibration, light flash, ringtone play);

'Locale settings': use this to change current user interface language (IT, FR, DE, NL to come).

Known problems
  • none.

  • empty.

Initial release.
1.x tap number to show call list
1.x organize events using drag'n'drop
2.x gestures for events
And suggestions are welcome :-)

Guillame Gay - french translation
Herwig Bauerfeind - german translation
Elbert Pol - dutch translation

screenshot 1 - Main User Interface screenshot 2 - Send SMS screenshot 3 - Settings screenshot 4 - Grid view

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