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====Welcome to **OS/2 Power**!====

- Speaker at WarpStock 2013 in Heemskerk, Holland!

- Speaker at WarpStock 2011, Haarlem, Holland!

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Click [[CategoryAndroid here]] for Google Android development details!

===OS/2 and eComStation===
This wiki is dedicated to OS/2 and eComStation software development, you can get all the informations about the programs I'm maintaining.

===About this wiki===
There is a page for every software or library, and thanks to wiki technology, it is easy to maintain the text and access development history :-)

Since this software is ported for free, donations are welcome! you can use PayPal to donate me and support OS/2 development. If you like to sponsor current OS/2 software development, please click here

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Click [[DonatorsHall here]] for the list of supporters! At least, a post card is welcome!

Click [[CategorySoftware Software OS/2 ports]] to enter or look at RecentChanges.

Look [[NewsPage here]] for past news (pre-wiki era).

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