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{{toc title="Index" format="bullet"}}
{{image class="left" alt="Program Icon" title="Program Icon" url="/images/GBirthDay/icon.png" }}==GBirthDay, your phone contacts birthday reminder==
with calendar support.

Like most Android applications, GBirthDay must be installed from the Android Market. Installation steps do not differ from standard installation phases.
The full version is now available for purchase on the Android Market.

- Android 1.x
- Android 2.0, 2.1

==DEMO version limits==
The demo version has the following limits:
- the program will work for one week.

The first time you start GBirthDay, it forces the selection of user interface language; this also defines the descriptions for events: if you change country a second time, descriptions will not be automatically changed. If is a good idea also to select default calendar in settings, otherwise calendar events cannot be handled.
First you need to select a contact from your Android phone contact list (screenshot 1). Use the spinner at top of screen to select your contact group, so the contact list can be filtered. You can also use keyboard to filter the list, just type some keys and your text filter will be shown above list in overlay mode. To use the virtual keyboard, a new speed search text box has been added to main panel: tap the text box, and use the virtual keyboard to filter your list.
Use the top spinner to select which date to show in the contact list (only full version).
Tap the contact entry (screenshot 2) to edit birthday/anniversary date. In the date editor panel (screenshot 3), you can enter up to 6 different dates. First two fields are reserved for birthday and anniversary, the other 4 fields are user customizable. The checkbox on the right allows you to set a new event in the default calendar. When you are modifying an existing record, leaving the checkbox enabled will update existing calendar records, while removing checkbox will delete the associated calendar record.
For all date records but birthdays, you can link a different contact: tap //'Link People'// to open the contact list and choose which contact link to current event (only full version).
To remove an existing date, tap the //'Delete'// button in the //'Edit date'// view (screenshot 4).
Use **Ok** button to confirm changes, **Cancel** or phone **Back** button to discard your changes.

//NB do not manually delete calendar records manually, always use GBirthDay for this task.//

**Reminders:** to set a reminder for birthdays and other events, simply open the Calendar application (or visit Google Calendar from your pc) and set a reminder there. GBirthDay will not change/delete your personal informations from calendar events, so feel free to add your personal informations to events. There is only precaution: you must not delete the //<GBirthDay-Event-Tag>// text added to events, otherwise the internal security check will fail to identify events (but you can add text before and after the tag).

**Import & Export**: Starting with release 1.6, a new Import/Export feature has been added, to save informations or move them to another phone.
//Export// will create a 'gbirthday.csv' file in the root directory of your SD card.
//Import// will merge contact events into current database, overwriting existing events if contact exists. A 'gbirthday.log' file will be created to record failed/successful operations. Calendar events will be created only if the //Create event active// flag in settings is enabled.
File format is Comma Separated Values, so you can edit it using your preferred editor.

Program settings: click the **Menu** button and tap **Settings** to change program preferences. Preferences are grouped in two parts (screenshot 5).
First part allows calendar event customization:
- tap //Create event active// to make calendar event creation the default action;
- tap //Select calendar// to choose the default calendar for adding birthday events;
- the other fields, you can customize the descriptions for date entries. While GBirthDay allows you to change all six entries, it is best to customize only the last four fields.
Second part allows you to customize the program language for user interface.

Please note that GBirthDay does not store your data in its private storage area: all informations are stored into Contacts and Calendar databases.

==(section3)Known problems==
- when editing dates, if you use keyboard only to change fields and click OK, the date is not registered: you must change focus to another field before clicking OK.

- empty entries in the contact list are not a bug: this happens because your contact list contains people with only an email address but no name associated.

Initial release.
Link people
Export human-readable notes
Add age to events
Edit calendar events
And suggestions are welcome :-)

Guillame Gay - french translation
Herwig Bauerfeind - german translation
Elbert Pol - dutch translation

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