Clam AntiVirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX (and OS/2). The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are based on a shared library distributed with the Clam AntiVirus package, which you can use with your own software. Most importantly, the virus database is kept up to date. A multithread plugin for InetPowerServer is available, ask for details (not free software).

Latest stable build for OS/2 is version 0.96.4, it can be installed from Netlabs RPM repository; once RPM/YUM are installed, type from a command prompt:
yum install clamav
yum install clamav-update
yum install clamav-server

This will install ClamAV engine and command line scanner, freshclam tool, clamd daemon server.
Configuration files are now placed into /@unixroot/etc directory.

A new ClamAV build has been pushed into Netlabs experimental repository for testing. To access the exp repository, run
yum install netlabs-exp

then use yum update to get newer binaries. Be aware that experimental repository can have other updated tools, and maybe you don't want to install all of them: be sure to update only ClamAV packages and required dependancies.

Older WarpIN installers are still available for download:
The status of current source integration can be followed here on ClamAV bugtracker.

Additional requirements:

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Comment by
2009-01-04 01:29:57
Thank you, Yuri! We *all* are grateful for your work porting ClamAV.
-Bill, Berkeley, California, USA.
Comment by
2010-04-06 04:47:53
Thanks from me too - trying it for the first time 2010-04-06:: 12:48:00 AEST
Need to scan a visiting EeePC that only has WXP Home - at this stage!

Mike O'Connor
Comment by
2010-05-23 21:05:01
I too am very grateful for the port of ClamAV, however, even the 15/Dec/2009 version is now very much out of date.and I am suspicious that updates are not working right. The last successful update was May 21, which seems to be somewhat unusual. Can we expect further updates? Thanks...
Comment by YuriDario
2010-05-24 08:42:16
Sure, 96.1 is already on the way :-)
Comment by
2010-07-16 18:01:17
Hmmm. Any progress???
Comment by
2010-08-12 01:08:38
And we expect further updates? Thanks...
Comment by
2010-08-23 22:17:40
Thank you very much, Yuri.
Dieter, Nrw, Germany
Comment by…
2010-12-28 00:55:36
Hi Yuri ..

What are the rough megabytes of size for the complete RPM-YUM toolset in the boot drive as well as this new version of CLAMAV for OS/2, including the current virus database and so on? Currently I have the 96.2 product installed in the root drive on a number of machines in C:\CLAMAV plus have implemented a number of specific .CMD/Rexx objects to perform needed specific functions for the CLAMAV tools. As noted, we are cautioned to make arrangements for enough space for the complete package plus additional space for all future things having to do, it seems, with RPM-YUM. As this focuses on what it looks like is now very specific application management of the directory/path definitions for a given product, it would be very helpful if you could prompt us as to the generic disk drive space this will take.

Thanks for your very important work!

Mike Luther
Comment by YuriDario
2010-12-28 15:12:16
Hi Mike,

around 70MB for RPM-YUM, then a new MB for clam and around 25MB for signatures.
But RPM-YUM can be installed also a non-boot drive.
Comment by…
2010-12-28 15:59:04
Thanks Yuri ;)

OK, but in a PEERLAN or traditional OS/2 LAN server site with multiple workstations, which are *NOT* left connected to the server but connected to it with conventional NETBIOS for OS/2 and *NOT* NETBIOS over TCP/IP only when needed, can any given workstation be set up with CLAMAV without RPM-YUM?

Then simply can connect to update itself via DHCP connections to the Internet without actually being connected to the server? Or .. as well, we could log on to the server for 'updates' if that is OK as well. To minimize your server time for updates, of course.

For security purposes we do *NOT* use the NETBIOS over TCP/IP protocol, nor do we even leave any workstation connected on the network unless it is needed. Grin ..


Mike Luther
Comment by YuriDario
2010-12-28 22:18:57
clam uses tcpip only, so netbios (over tcpip) is not required. Once you have a internet tcpip connection, you will be able to update it.
Comment by…
2011-01-15 17:11:33
Yuri ..

Sincere thanks for all you folks do. In that the RPM-YUM tool is so large as to what space it takes, and can be 'installed' on other than the boot drive, plus can be deleted, so I think I understand from your comments ..

Might it be possible to simply create the RPM-YUM tool on a CD-ROM disk? Then simply run the new RPM-YUM tool from it to do the install and master updates for the new CLAM-OS2 product?

That way you could simple take the burned CD-ROM disk from computer to computer and do the generic new CLAM-AV installation for OS/2..


Mike Luther
Comment by YuriDario
2011-01-19 22:06:38

yes, it is possible to put all files on a CDROM and install from there. I'll update soon the RPM wiki with instructions.
Comment by…
2011-01-20 02:11:23
Oh Thank you Yuri!

If we can burn a 'normal' plain CD-ROM that can be just shoved into the CD-ROM tray on either eCS or MCP2 latest .. even Warp 4 .. and simply do the same generic sort of thing that WPI did with the previous version, that would, I think, make a *LOT* of people happy who could then and would continue much more easily with your and other folks important work.
Comment by
2011-08-04 23:32:17
ciao Yuri,
sarebbe molto comodo avere anche un archivio zip, oltre che il .wpi

Comment by YuriDario
2011-08-07 23:48:16
Ora c'e' solo in formato RPM.
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