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Are you not able to reopen your drawings? Are you getting the 'Unknown file format' infamous error?
OK, you are simply out of file handles. OS/2 allocates a default of 50 file handles for every process, but many of them are used by the OpSys itself. When BlueCAD is run from the icon, it has only 20 file handles left. Some of them are used by device drivers. Then it has to open configuration files, help files, font data. In an power pc, you can run out of free handles very easily. I have discovered that on my PC last week.

One possible solution is to remove some device driver, but probably you don't like it.
Second, you can run BlueCAD without online help: rename or delete BLUECAD.HLP and you get two more file handles; maybe it is sufficient for you PC.
Third, you can run BlueCAD from the command line: this will give you more free file handles and is the ultimate solution. You can create a batch file with the following line

    @start /i bluecad.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
Place it in you x:\BLUECAD\PRGM directory. It is important to use '/i' to start BlueCAD, so you can inherit the startup enviroment, and not the current one. But you have to add x:\BLUECAD\DLL to your LIBPATH statement, otherwise it doesn't work.

NewFourth, you can raise WPS free handles. Add this statement to your config.sys

and reboot.


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