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BTCall, BlueTooth device enabler for voice calls

Like most Android applications, BTCall must be installed from the Android Market. Installation steps do not differ from standard installation phases.
The current available application is a demo, it will stop working on 15th April 2009.

Please remember that direct BlueTooth control is not possible with current Android 1.0/1.1 releases, so this software uses private methods to gain BlueTooth control.
Once started, the main activity screen reports your current BlueTooth device status; it can be:
- Enabled: your phone BlueTooth interface is enabled and working.
- Disabled: your phone BlueTooth interface is present, but it is powered off.
- Unknown: BTCall is unable to detect your BlueTooth device, so status cannot be determined: if you get this message, BTCall features will not be available at all.

To check BT device features, press the Menu button (screenshot 2), and tap on Status. BTCall will open a new dialog to show some informations about your BT device and current BT known devices paired/connected (screenshot 3,4).

To enable BTCall features, press the Menu button, and tap on Settings (screenshot 5). You can enable BTCall for:
- incoming only calls;
- all calls (incoming and outgoing);
It is not currently possible to enable only outgoing calls.
The Select Locale item allows to override current phone locale settings (for BTCall only) and select your preferred language for BTCall user interface. When selecting 'Default', BTCall will use your current phone settings to select the interface language.
The last setting item, Call control active, allows you to know current BTCall status: if enabled, it means BTCall has detected a phone call and enabled your BT interface; this means BTCall will power off the BT device at call end (and thus reset this flag). If you remove the flag, BTCall will not power off the BT device at end of current call. This does not change behaviour for future voice calls.

Known problems
To enable the BlueTooth interface, at least 5-10 seconds are required; then handset pairing and connection can require another 5-10 seconds interval. This time cannot be shortened, so you need to wait between 10 and 20 seconds (exact time depends on your devices).

If BTCall cannot find your BT device, please contact support.
Enable BT in phone settings and open BTCall: BT status must be enabled, the Status dialog must report your BT device informations.
Disable BT in phone settings and open BTCall: BT status must be disabled, the Status dialog must tell you to enable the device.
Check if your handset connects automatically on phone calls without BTCall installed, or if BTCall installed, disable all preference settings.


screenshot 1 - Welcome screen screenshot 2 - Options Menu screenshot 3 - BlueTooth disabled screenshot 4 - Settings screenshot 5 - BlueTooth status

Initial release, base BlueTooth control
Timer to delay power off
Interface cleanup
Restore BT state
Speaker control
And suggestions are welcome :-)

Release history
2009-03-17 1.0.1 beta 1 (demo) released. Fixed permissions.

2009-03-16 1.0 beta 1 (demo) released.

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