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BTCall, BlueTooth device enabler for voice calls

Like most Android applications, BTCall must be installed from the Android Market. Installation steps do not differ from standard installation phases.
The full version is now available for purchase on the Android Market.

DEMO version limits
The demo version has the following limits:
  • the program will work for one week.

LITE version limits
The lite version has the following limits:
  • only Bluetooth devices are supported (no internal speaker).
  • the only working feature is delayed off; everything else is not working.

- Android 1.1, 1.5, 1.6
- Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

Please remember that direct BlueTooth control is not possible with current Android 1.x releases, so this software uses private methods to gain BlueTooth control.
Once started, the main activity screen reports your current BlueTooth device status; it can be:
- Enabled: your phone BlueTooth interface is enabled and working.
- Disabled: your phone BlueTooth interface is present, but it is powered off.
- Unknown: BTCall is unable to detect your BlueTooth device, so status cannot be determined: if you get this message, BTCall features will not be available at all.

To check BT device features, press the Menu button (screenshot 2), and tap on Status. BTCall will open a new dialog to show some informations about your BT device and current BT known devices paired/connected (screenshot 3,4).

To enable BTCall features, press the Menu button, and tap on Settings (screenshot 5).
Settings are grouped in different sections to make them easier to identify.
  1. Disable service can be used to turn off/on functions without changing current settings.
  1. 'Call settings' preferences are related to current call;
    1. Call type' allows to enable BTCall for the following events:
      1. 'incoming only' calls;
      1. 'outgoing only' calls;
      1. 'all calls' (incoming and outgoing);
    1. 'Device Type' preference screen allows you to select which device to enable for a phone call:
      1. 'None' disables BTCall service at all;
      1. 'BlueTooth headset' to use your Bluetooth device;
      1. 'Internal speaker' to enable internal speaker.
  1. 'Bluetooth settings':
    1. You can define how long keep the BlueTooth interface powered with the Power off delay setting: when the call will end, the interface will be closed after a predefined time, to enable faster reconnections.
    1. 'Enable with Call Button' allows to start BTCall when the phone green button is pressed, see below for details.
    1. 'Use internal speaker' will enable the phone internal speaker until your BlueTooth headset connects.
  1. The 'Time settings' preference screen can be used to enable BTCall only for specific time ranges of the day; you can define up to 4 time zones, each one must specify start time and end time and which days of the week. If all time zones are disabled, BTCall will be enabled the whole day.
  1. The 'Select Locale' item allows to override current phone locale settings (for BTCall only) and select your preferred language for BTCall user interface. When selecting 'Default', BTCall will use your current phone settings to select the interface language.
  1. The last setting item, 'Call control active', allows you to know current BTCall status: if enabled, it means BTCall has detected a phone call and enabled your BT interface; this means BTCall will power off the BT device at call end (and thus reset this flag). If you remove the flag, BTCall will not power off the BT device at end of current call. This does not change behaviour for future voice calls.

Starting with release 2.1, BTCall can enable your Bluetooth device when the phonebook is opened (phone green button is pressed, usually an hard key, not present on some newer devices). Once installed for first time, BTCall will clear your preferred selection for default Contacts application; open BTCall settings and enable the Call Button flag so BTCall can detect the name of current Contacts application. Now press the green button, Android will show you the list of installed handlers for contacts: select BTCall and set it to be the default action.
Once BTCall is started using the green button, it will enable the Bluetooth device only if outgoing calls are enabled in settings; also the Delay off parameter is used to power off bluetooth in case you exit the phonebook without making a call.
Please note that without a Power off delay, the bluetooth device will not power off if you exit the phonebook.

Starting with release 2.4, BTCall will remember your Bluetooth status when powering on the device: if Bluetooth interface is already active at designed event, the interface will not power off. This allows you to continue using your other Bluetooth devices (if they were active when you make/receive a voice call).

Starting with release 2.7, you can force BTCall to use the internal speaker until the headset fully connects with the phone.

Known problems
  • To enable the BlueTooth interface, at least 5-10 seconds are required; then handset pairing and connection can require another 5-10 seconds interval. This time cannot be shortened, so you need to wait between 10 and 20 seconds (exact time depends on your devices).
  • It may happen that BT device seems to be on after call end: this is a problem with the notification bar, where the BT icon is still shown; if you look at Wireless Settings in your phone, you will notice that BT is marked off.

  • If BTCall cannot find your BT device, please contact support and try this:
Enable BT in phone settings and open BTCall: BT status must be enabled, the Status dialog must report your BT device informations.
Disable BT in phone settings and open BTCall: BT status must be disabled, the Status dialog must tell you to enable the device.
Check if your handset connects automatically on phone calls without BTCall installed, or if BTCall installed, disable all preference settings.
  • Phonebook support: if your preferred Contacts application does not show up, maybe BTCall was unable to detect it. Try this:
Enter BTCall settings, disable 'Call Button' flag (this will clear Android settings), press 'Green button' and set your preferred application for Contacts (make it the default action too). Go back to BTCall settings, enable 'Call Button' flag and press 'Green Button' again: this time select BTCall as default action.

Initial release, base BlueTooth control
Timer to delay power off
Interface cleanup
Restore BT state
Speaker control
Widget for faster setup.

And suggestions are welcome :-)

Guillame Gay - french translation
Herwig Bauerfeind - german translation
Martin Gerlach - german translation

screenshot 1 - Welcome screen screenshot 2 - Options Menu screenshot 3 - BlueTooth disabled screenshot 4 - BlueTooth status screenshot 5 - Settings

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