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{{image class="left" alt="Program Icon" title="Program Icon" url="/images/BTCall/icon.png" }}==BTCall, BlueTooth device enabler for voice calls==

BTCall allows you to automatically enable your BlueTooth handset when you receive a phone call or when you make a phone call. Once the phone call is terminated, the phone BlueTooth device will be powered off again to save your battery life.
With BTCall, you don't need to manually enable your BlueTooth interface, and you will not need to disable it again when you do not more need it.

This software is developed for [[ Android based]] devices, like T-Mobile G1 and G2, HTC Hero, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Cliq Droid Milestone.

- Automatic BlueTooth on/off control
- Simple interface
- Saves your battery life :-)
- NLS support for multiple languages (EN, DE, IT, FR currently supported, more to come)
- Android 1.x/2.x

The most recent version is 2.8, and it is available for download from the [[market://search?q=pname:com.os2power.web.BTCall Android Market]]. The demo version will work for one week, then it will expire. If you like it, you can now purchase this application, this will also remove the advertising banners (making more space available on the screen), install a smaller application, and more features to come soon.

If you have a QR code compatible reader, please scan this image to enter the Android Market from your Android Phone:
{{image class="center" alt="QR code - Market" title="QR code - Market" url="/images/BTCall/market.png" }}
If you do not have access to Android Market, you can get applications from [[ AndAppStore]] web site.

Please refer to BTCallHelp page for most recent documentation.

**Release history**
Please look to BTCallChangelog page for release history.

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